About Me, The Author


I'm Nneko Branche. A Caribbean Born; Next Ponderer; Technology Tinkerer; Problem Solver; IT Solutions Architect; Technical Writer.

Teams & Projects I've Worked On

Industry Experience

  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Banking and Finance

Other Projects

  • A light weight linux distribution. (A wish that I never find the time to create)

  • LoanXchange - Peer to Peer Lending Platform


  • Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer
  • My Picture

    My tutorials and general writings are on Big Thinking Applied and I occasionally answer questions on StackExchange. To view the software projects that I follow and in some instances make contributions towards take a look at my profiles on GitHub and or BitBucket.

    Finally, if you have an interesting project and you believe that we may work together then I am also available on LinkedIn or alternatively get in touch via Email.

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