Nneko Branche

Caribbean Born; Technology Tinkerer & Next Ponderer; Problem Solver; Solutions Architect; Writer @bigthinkapplied (https://bigthinkingapplied.com)

Avoid Averages in Design

Good design is about personaliztion. Designing for the average person is the same as designing for none. A vital lesson that the US Air Force discovered which improved flight performance

Why HBO GO is a No Go for the Caribbean right now

Tidal is Good but Deezer is even better

Where is Technology Headed?

Google, Please Spare Us the Frustration. Just Stop Making Consumer Hardware

Google made hardware has poor quality, scant support and buggy updates. They are consumer unfriendly products even if you're ok that they may spy on you.

Write Drunk, Edit Sober.

Famous quote attributed to Hemingway rightly or wrongly expresses how the constant pursuit of perfection can inhibit the process of creation

Container Based Clouds Are Hard To Upgrade

Keeping containers up to date on some cloud services is complicated and time consuming

Tidal is Good and Born Global

The Tidal music service is surprisingly good while being on par with Apple Music and Spotify but has one upped them because it is international by default

There Are No Good Laptops in 2017

Laptop manufacturers have deliberately compromised on what are basic features leaving consumers unsatisfied in 2017 no matter which model they buy

Why is Apple News App Region Restricted?

Apple region restricts its News App. This should not happen given that it is likely Apple can collect and distribute most news content without royalties.