Google, Please Spare Us the Frustration. Just Stop Making Consumer Hardware

A recent update has effectively bricked my generation one chromecast. In my experience with Google products, it seems that too often they rapidly release updates with minimal quality checks. This leads to otherwise avoidable errors popping up and loads of frustration for their userbase. For a company with limited customer service capabilities largely reliant on automation versus human interaction to solve issues one would expect more care to be taken and everything to be done to minimize potential issues. Instead the approach is one of move ahead and break things often for no discernable consumer gain. Maybe this would be tolerable in another world but in the one we live in there are many examples of other companies that move just as fast without such show stopping quality lapses.

The problem is worse still for any users of their older and less supported products. These people are usually shit out of luck when it comes to the company. Someone needs to teach them that consumer tech is not the same as releasing a new version of search. I mean if they can't get these small consumer updates right how is any enterprise supposed to trust them? No wonder GCP also struggles. This company fails miserablely in the customer care and support department.

This most recent fail just adds to my list of broken Google products. I have had 3 Nexus devices either bricked by a software update or had to be returned due to hardware defects. Around the time I had my issues I was also witnessing one friend as well as a co-worker also have devices fail due to similar defects. The error rate on their products is just horrible especially when juxtaposed to how few devices they sell compared to other players in the market.

I can say now that I will never ever spend my money on another Google made kit due to their scanty support, unreliable hardware and buggy software updates.