MP3 Isn't Dead. It's Liberated

Great take from Stephen Hackett at 512Pixels. I think they got it right on this one.

There are definitely better audio formats with greater compression and quality than what MP3 provides but now that the patents have expired the format is likely to live on instead dying.

Act With Imperfect Information

You will never know it all. Perfection is an illusion.

LG Being Sued for Bootloop

I have suffered directly from this issue. Wish I could join the suit.

When Technology Helps You By Spying On You

That moment when you realize that Google has autopopulated your calendar for the week because it scanned your mail, read the subject and then understood what was in the PDF attachment.

Actually awesome and totally useful but still so darn creepy...
Google Auto Populating Your Calendar By Reading Your Mail

God help us if there ever comes a day when the motive moves from assisting us to completely messing and screwing with us.

VMware could be at the center of IT Security with NSX-T

If only it can move beyond its natural paranoia of competitors, abandon lock-in and embrace standards.

Interesting one from The Register.

Keep Your Focus

I can’t stress this enough — protect your attention like you protect your friends, family, money, etc. It’s among the most valuable things you have

Good advice. Pick'd up from Jason Fried.

Kaspersky Explains Ransomware

They also provide a few useful tools to help you recover encrypted files.

Oracle Dodges Rumours It's About To Axe Hardware

The talk is getting louder. Oracle may swing an axe in the direction of its hardware division in 2017.

The key takeways here for me are that SPARC is likely dead and Solaris is probably heading towards permanent maintenance mode. The writings have been on the wall for a long time. For instance, Fujitsu the other main SPARC vendor chose ARM for their next generation K Supercomputer and for its part Oracle already uses Linux in their Engineered Systems and x86 processors from Intel.

The Cloudy Battle is Heating Up & The Bodies Are Piling Up

Cisco is the latest victim. Shuttering it's OpenStack based Intercloud.

IT outsourcing is soooo passé?

Now its all about Digital Transformation not merely outing and restructuring. It's also more than a euphemism.