Tidal is Good and Born Global

I have known about Tidal for awhile now but for some reason I never decided to give it a try until this week. Sadly enough it was the tragedy of Linkin Park that prompted me.
Tidal Screenshot
I had some trepidation about taking the plunge as I was sure there would be some issue that would crop up after signup. Maybe the common Credit Card not accepted or another stupid region block annoyance were my main fears. However, the service is surprisingly good and whats better it is not encumbered by unnecessary and pesky region restrictions. To my delight I had no issue getting straight to pleasing my ears with beautiful sounds. It was totally refreshing not to witness banners like the below or worse still be made to jump through hoops such as VPNs etc to access the service.
Spotify Not Available
I am always disgusted when it encounter signs like the above. Apple Music, Spotify and there ilk have nothing on this service when it comes to liberating access. Tidal treats traffic and the people on the internet equally. Furthermore, it delivers a really enjoyable and mostly affordable experience. Let's be real i'm still going to be playing songs and discovering artists on YouTube but I have no problem paying for quality when the experience is available. It's just a whole other level of satisfaction and pleasure. Keep it that way Tidal.