Why is Apple News App Region Restricted?

Apple apparently region restricts some of its core apps via the App Store. As I discovered recently its News App is one such application. Personally, I find this behaviour very strange since news information is a globally relevant thing and Apple must know that it has customers who live outside of the G7 countries. Furthermore, accessing news content and collating it has no charge associated with it to a distributor such as Apple unlike say Music and Movies where copyright has to be negotiated with the Record Labels and Movie Studios. The publishing industry to their downfall does not have a tight control of distribution because they rely on the Ad Business model and therefore deliberately openly share content freely to attract as many eyes as possible. This makes news media uniquely attractive to the various Tech Titans such as Apple due to the low cost dynamics that enable them to leverage their massive platforms to add value.

The restriction situation needs to end. Every other major aggregator such as Flipboard, Google, Microsoft and others can do it and make it freely accessible to everyone worldwide. What's up with that Apple?

I still love your products, especially the iPhone but do better when it comes to content distribution. Go global or go home.